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Johnathan-Conant.jpgJonathan D. Conant, Esquire, is the Founder of the Conant Mediation Center. I realized early on in my legal career that I loved the law – but felt that too many attorneys lost track of what was important. There are two aspects of legal representation to which every attorney should aspire. One is to provide good legal advice to a client in response to the query –

“Do I have a legal right……?”

The second, and perhaps more important aspect is to provide advice to the client as to whether it makes good “Business Sense” to pursue the right in question. Only when such an evaluation is done can a client truly be advised of the full extent of its rights, obligations, merit and value of the right in question. The cost has to be considered in terms of not only dollars and cents, but other matters of intrinsic value as well.

I am proud to be the only member of the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals in Northern Arizona. The NADN is an association whose membership is by invitation only, and consists of ADR professionals distinguished by our hands-on experience in the field of civil and commercial conflict resolution. In addition, I am a proud member of the Academy of Professional Family Mediators whose sole charge is to assist those people involved in disputes involving family issues such as divorce, time-sharing and custody. 

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