Dependency Matters

Dependencies are heartbreaking, there is no way around it. A child or children have been removed from their parents and have become wards of the state. Often, they are not even placed with family but placed with strangers.  In every case, hearts are broken and families are torn apart.

Often, parents and family members are left without direction, guidance or representation. Often, family are not permitted to speak at hearings in the dependency and may even find themselves excluded. I can be your voice, filing an action to intervene and allow you to not only speak, but to be heard as a party. At times, that may even include having the child or children placed with you – the family.

Parents often find themselves frustrated by their appointed counsel. That parent may not qualify for provided counsel and need a place to turn to find their voice in the proceeding. I can be that voice, working with you to take advantage of services provided and ultimately re-unify with the children. When not possible, I can negotiate a resolution that is most favorable for all concerned.

At the same time, there are fosters who have had children in their care for what can even be years. They find themselves  faced with a distant and even unknown relative showing up after all this time and “claiming” the child. A child that the foster has loved and nurtured, and become bonded and attached with. A child that has become dependent upon that foster for all things, including love and affection. I can assert your rights on your behalf, with the goal of clearing the way to your adopting that child and providing it with its forever family.

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