Foster Parent Representation

Foster care givers are angels. No doubt about it. However, the system often treats foster parents like strangers form a strange land. Children are left with them, they are told to love and nurture the children, and yet they don’t have any rights. The Arizona statutes provides a list of 14 “rights”, yet the very next paragraph reads that the statute itself provides No legally enforceable right. None.

What can make matters worse is that the foster has taken classes and gotten licensed, and often is thrust into the dependency arena without any support or information, whatsoever. The children are placed with them, yet despite the provisions of “Jacob’s Law”, they are not provided with the information or support necessary to properly provide for the kiddos in their care. When they show up in court, their concerns may not even be addressed.

I provide the attention and care necessary, and whenever possible the voice that they desperately need. When appropriate, as their counsel I will make an appearance and assist them in intervening in the dependency, not simply making them a participant, but more importantly assisting them in becoming a party to that action to assist in ensuring the best interests of the children in their care is being considered and provided for.

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