Juvenile Matter Appeals

There are times when try as you may, and despite the law “being on your side” a mistake can be made. Perhaps the judge did not hear or understand a key point; perhaps a fact or legal argument was presented “imperfectly”. Perhaps the other side simply filed an Appeal challenging your prevailing. The question may be whether to file an appeal or seek recourse through a “Special Action”. The decision itself could be critical to the case, especially when considering that the best interests of the child or children involved has to be the paramount concern.

Appeals and Special Actions are highly technical aspects of litigation. They require hours of research, drafting and most importantly, commitment. They are extremely time sensitive. The impact of a decision at the level of an Appellate Court have far reaching effects as the ruling in essence becomes “the law” for all future cases dealing with the same or similar issues.

I have experience representing clients at the appellate level. More than that, I enjoy it.


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