Workers’ Compensation Mediations

Workers’ Compensation mediations present problems unique to this law. Personal Injury type claims of lost wages, pain and suffering and quality of life issues do not play into the legal aspects of value in these claims. The injured worker certainly values them, but the mediator must work with the claimant and its attorney in educating the claimant to this significant limitation. Beyond lost wages for a defined period of time and medical care directly related to the injuries received in the accident, there are generally speaking, no other remedies available.
In addition, if the injured worker has applied for Social Security Disability Benefits or is already a Medicare Recipient, a Workers’ Compensation Medical Set-Aside Allocation will have to be considered. Being previously certified by the International Commission on Health Care Certification as an MSA Consultant, Jonathan D. Conant, Esquire is perfectly suited to mediate these matters. This highly technical and detail oriented aspect of this law cannot be overlooked and must be dealt with head-on during a mediation.

Be it a commutation of benefits or a “Wash-Out”, I am ready to help. 

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