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Seeking to Adopt

Adoption is one of the most
wonderful activities an attorney
can become involved with

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Mediation and Family Law

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I Am Here to Help
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"Your One-Stop Solution for Dispute Resolution"

After almost 20 years of mediation practice spanning three states, I bring to my legal practice that same set of principals. I work with my clients evaluating the best interests of all concerned and all competing interests in a manner that seeks to maximize the benefit of all concerned. It may be we are mediating a case or processing an adoption, participating in a Dependency action, doing premarital planning or processing an adoption, or even contemplating a severance action - any number of matters - it still comes down to amicably resolving concerns of the parties involved.

Be it mediation or litigation, this is truly your "One-Stop Solution for Dispute Resolution”!

  • Jonathan-Conant.pngProviding advice based upon the client’s desire to know their legal rights and remedies to which they may be entitled or liabilities to which they may be exposed. Perhaps more importantly is the second aspect, which is advising the client as to whether the pursuit of their cause is truly in their best interests or the best interests of the children involved.
    Professionalism is providing both aspects of representation. 


    It is this level of care to which I aspire.


  • JDC Full ServiceProviding the highest degree of care and attention to my clients.
    - High Conflict Mediations
    - Divorce / Dissolution Mediation
    - Adoptions
    - Severence / Termination
    - Foster Parent Representation 
    - Dependency Matters 
    - Juvenile Matter Appeals 
    - Prenuptial Agreements and Pre-Marital Planning
  • Conant-Law-Legal-REpresentaion2.jpgWhen retained as a mediator, my goal is to work harder than the parties in assisting them in developing an amicable resolution that they feel is best for them. Who better to determine the proper outcome than the actual parties to the mediation. As the Legal Representative of a party, my obligations run even deeper. To put it simply, I am the Steward of their matter entrusted to me. 

    Committed to providing the best representation possible to my clients.


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